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Phyt's Organic Treatment Products

Phyt's  Facial & Body Treatments are Certified 100% Organic

Phyt's is a bio active professional cosmetic brand from France.  It is known for it's effectiveness.  The ingredients are 100% natural with organic plants from certified farms, minerals, and water.  Phyt's has 49 years of experience (est. 1972) in making cosmetics from natural sources. 


Phyt's products are certified in Cosmebio | Qualite France certificate, which guarantees controversial, and harmful cosmetic ingredient avoidance.  The company's long experience, and know-how guarantees satisfaction, and long-term results of their products. 


A unique element of Phyt's is its professional product packaging into small one-time, and sterile glass ampules.  A few of these make up the complete set of productions needed for a single treatment.  Phyt's offers a variety of 320 cosmetic products, and 17 product lines of each containing a professional face, and body treatment for all skin types, and customer needs. 

Suitable for Vegans and Vegitarians  !!

Phyt's Sublim Eyes Treatment

Phyt's professional expertise just for your eyes.  To increase the effectiveness of daily products, discover the Phyt's Sublim Eyes professional treatment. 

time: 40 min.    40,00

Phyt's Sublim Eyes treatment is composed of a series of rhythmic, draining, and de-congesting movements.  Combining treatment and relaxation.

Concentrated serum with active ingredients, invigorating creamy balm, smoothing, light, and anti-fatigue peel-off emulsion mask.

Naturality, and experience both help Phyt's Naturo-Beauticians to perform efficient, and relaxing skincare treatment.  Eye contour area is instantly relaxed, de-congested, and fresh.

Main Natural Active Ingredients 

Phyto-Actif Regard Complex

Duration: 40 Minute Session

Type of Skin: Eye contour area for all skin types

Reduces dark circles, and puffiness.  De-congest, and hydrates the eye contour area

Proven Effective Results

Based on customer interviews:

72% - Dark circles have faded away​

63% - Bags have reduced

77% - Eye contour area look fresher

68% - Eye contour area is smoother

77% - Eye contour area is de-congested

68% - Phyto-Actif Regard Complex helps eyelids de-puff

SENSI PHYT'S for sensitive skin

Sensitive Skin -- Sensi Phyt's

Sensitive skin treatment at our boutique

time: 60 min.    55,00

The Sensi Phyt's treatments soothes sensitive skin, and offers softness, whilst also protecting against external factors by reinforcing the skin barrier function, and hydrating them so that, once again, it feels comfortable, and supple. 


This short treatment, with specific, and exclusive certified Organic products for sensitive skins, starts with the gentle make-up removal of the eyes, and face, followed by a draining massage especially created for sensitive skin. 


As for all Phyt's treatments, it is then time for a soothing refreshing break with a mask, before rounding it all off by soothing, and protecting the skin with the end of treatment emulsion.

Main Natural Active Ingredients 

Magnolia, Mirabilis, Cotton Flower, Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond, Shea Butter, Plant Squalene, Vitamin E

Duration: 60 Minute Session

Type of Skin: Sensitive Skin

Sooth, comfort, hydrate, and protect.

Sensi Phyt's Treament Vials
Proven Effective Results

Sensitive Skin soothed

Sensation of discomfort reduced

Panacee Face Treatment

Age Erasing Cosmetic Therapy

An institute treatment approved by 100% of women who have tested it !

time: 80 min.     88,00

The certified organic Panacee treatment offfers a wonderful combination of effectiveness, and sensorality.


Original textures, and a unique sculpting face massage implemented with Dermophyt's for instantly visible results after just one treatment! 


Entrust your face to the expert hands of your Phyt's beautician.

Main Natural Active Ingredients 

Edelweiss, Rosemary, Vitamin E, Acmella, Rye, Brown Algae, Adenosine, Punarnava, Rose Hip

Duration: 80 Minute Session

Type of Skin: All mature skin types

Global anti-age action.

Proven Effective Results

Visible results from the first treatment !

100% - The skin looks younger​

 95% - Wrinkles and lines are reduced

 90% - The skin is lifted and firmer

 85% - The face is re-sculpted

 75% - The face contour is redefined

Anti-imperfections purity treatment

Normalizing, and purifying. Aromaclear treatment takes care of the beauty of oily skin that shows imperfections, an uneven skin texture, open, and blocked pores.

time: 60 min.     55,00

After make-up removal, and gentle exfoliation, the Phyt's signature massage applied with a balancing serum, quickly ensures the skin a cleaner appearance, and all its original clarity.

The treatment is continued with the application of a charcoal mask, that contains three types of clay, which absorbs excess sebum, removes impurities, unclogs pores, and reduces the appearance of blemishes.

Finally, the essential oils in the cream applied at the end of the treatment, diffuse their beneficial, and valuable ingredients to normalize the skin, and ensure hydration for a perfect matte effect.

After one hour, the skin is healthier, and more radiant. The skin is clear, the pores are tightened, and the imperfections are reduced.

PHYT'S Aromaclear Treatments
Phyt's Aromaclear vial package
Main Natural Active Ingredients 

Cypress, Rosemary, Thyme, Lavender, Tea Tree, Clays, Coal, Copper, Zinc,

Salicylic Acid, Jojoba, Hazelnut.

Duration: 60 Minute Session

Type of Skin: Acne-prone oily skin

Normalizes, re-balances, purifies, tightens pores,

reduces blemishes, and mattifies

Proven Effective Results

Re-balanced skin

Skin is clear and mattified

Pores are tightened and imperfections are reduced.

Moisturizing Treatments 
Aqua Phyt’s

Aqua Phyt’s – Certified organic moisturizers for the skin, a real hydration bath

time: 60 min.     52,00

A Real Treat !

A few drops of this Organic Certified Moisturizer will quench your skin’s thirst. You’ll enjoy the almond, and fruit fragrances of this care.

Aqua Phyt's Mask

The hands, and fingers of your Naturo-Beautician gently brush, and press in fluid movements.  Time stands still.  Your skin is replenished. Your senses are re-awakened by a refreshing cleansing / exfoliating care with a bouquet of organic active ingredients.  100% of natural origin (such as lemon, verbena, rosemary, lavender).


Then, a delightful modelage, with tonic Peppermint, Palmarosa for good regeneration, Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid (real water trap) which are the two pillars of the treatment.


The session continues with the application of a mask.  Have complete relaxation while the skin benefits the most of the active ingredients.


Finally your skin is protected, and balanced thanks to the Fluid or Moisturizer, depending on your skin type.

Hyaluronic Acid of natural origin

Skin Type : Dehydrated skin.
Needs : Re-hydrates and refreshes the skin.
Duration: 60min session

Phyt's Capyl Products


Certified organic care for skin with diffuse redness

time: 60min.     59,00

Designed to comfort skin with diffuse redness.  It particularly suits dry or fine skin types.

It all begins with the Cleansing Milk & Tonic, then, gentle scrub for skin renewal action which removes dead cells without aggressive agents. Capyl Rose, an aqueous serum will soothe redness.

The next step will be the lympho-energy modelage, with the serum, and its golden pearls, followed by a relaxing treat.  Which is the application of a mask on face, neck, and décolleté.

Once the mask removed, a good protection of your skin with Soin Nutri-Protecteur marks the end of the treatment

Centella Asiatica, Horse chestnut
Skin Type: Skin prone the redness.
Needs: Soothes and targets redness.

A soothed skin
Smoothed features

PHYT'S Anti-Pollution Revitalising Treatment

Phyt's recharges the batteries of the skin exposed to pollution, dull, stressed and tired.  At the same time offers a protective, anti adhesion film against urban aggression.

time: 60 min.     60,00

This short treatment combines fresh, natural fragrances, light, and smooth textures to restore energy, and radiance to the skin.

It starts with gentle exfoliation, followed by Phyt s massage routine, and revitalizing motions for regenerated skin.

Then comes the energizing, and fresh Masque Anti-Pollution before the green notes of the moisturizer to finish with.  It is healthy, refreshed, and ready to face external aggression.

Phyt's Anti Pollution Vials


Marine* extracts, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E of plant origin, Rosemary
Type Of Skin : Dull, devitalized, stressed skin, exposed to polluting agents
Expectation : Oxygenates, Revitalizes, Highlights, and preserves the skin from pollution

Refreshed, and energized skin
Oxygenated skin
A glowing complexion

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