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"Gemology"  Luxury Mineral Skin Care

Future of Beauty is Mineral

Trace Elements such as Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Copper, etc... enable stimulating biological functions to prevent, repair and protect the skin from the passage of time and our oxidative environment.

Gemology Spa  Cosmetic Treatments
"Gemology" products are guaranteed paraben free, without propylene glycol or alcohol.
Precious Gemstones are the purest source of trace elements in nature. Gemology Cosmetics Paris in the world leader in the development of active mineral skincare, using precious gemstones at their foundation.
Oligotherapy is a way of providing the body with the essential trace minerals that are indispensable for cellular enzymatic functions. Skin oligotherapy is the solution to deficiencies in trace elements and minerals in your body's largest organ; the skin.
Gemology is further advanced in this field than any other cosmetic brand.  The essential minerals are applied directly to the skin, where all skin concerns are treated gently and safely, at the source of the problem. Oligotherapy acts on skin deficiencies, by providing vital missing trace elements.
Gemology Cosmetics for her


peeling + massage with semi precious warm stones + serum + mask+ cream
time: 70 min.       55,00 

Beauty Advantage :


Amethyst Combination Skin Care is recommended for those with a combination of skin types.  


Thanks to its regenerating, and energizing effects it brightens, and uniforms the complexion of your skin, and tightens the pores.

Actives and Actions :



      - Amethyst Stone: Mattifies the complexion, thanks to its richness in iron. Chosen for its vital role in collagen synthesis.


Helps in Cellular Breathing:

     - Manuka: Antibacterial

     - Burdock: Draining


Yellow Alginate Mask:

     - Vitamin C: Brightening

     - Vitamin E: Regenerating

     - Ginseng: Cultivated in China, used for stimulating, energizing, and purifying.


peeling + lotion + massage with precious warm stones + serum + mask + cream
time: 70 min.     65,00

Beauty Advantage :

Malachite Dry Skin Care has a high concentration of vitamin E, which encourages the renewal of cells, thereby it is recommended for dry skin.


Thanks to its essential elements this treatment brings elasticity, and tone to tired and dull complexion.


Leaves skin moisturized deep down, with renewed comfort, suppleness, and softness.

Dry Skin Facial
Sensitive Skin Therapy


peeling + tonic + massage face and decollete + serum + mask + cream
time: 70 min.     60,00 

Beauty Advantage :

Smithsonite Sensitive Skin Care is a true protective which is recommended for sensitive skin.  It fights against the feeling of warmth, and redness.

It brings an immediate comfort to your skin thanks to its refreshing effects.

Skin resistance, and protect it from outside  aggression which leads to skin fragility.  Your skin is soothed, and relieved.


Anti-aging facial treatment
time: 60 min.      65,00

Beauty Advantage :


Pearl and Diamond are combined in order to smooth, regenerate, and tone the skin by giving it radiance, and luminosity.


Sorbital improves the energy levels to durably moisturize the skin.

For a smoother, illuminated, and radiant complexion.

Anti Aging Treatments

Actives and Actions :


1. Diamond Micro-Emulsion:

    - Diamond: Anti-wrinkles. Regenerating. The diamond micro-particles nest inside the wrinkles, and visibly reduce their deepness by reflecting light.

   - Orchid: Moisturizing

   - Baobab Fruit: Smoothing effect

2. Pearl and Diamond Shaker Mask:

    - Sorbitol: Nutritive, and Moisturizing.

    - Pearl Extract: Cellular stimulating.

         Gives tone, and radiance

    - Diamond: Regenerating, and

         « Soft Focus » effect.

   - Vitamin C: Radiance,and Luminosity

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